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Computer forensics, also known as digital forensics, is a practice that examines digital evidence and recovers data to be used in a civil or criminal legal proceeding. The process of investigating digital evidence must be conducted in a forensically sound manner to ensure court admissibility. Computer forensics also provides a means for “e-discovery” or “electronic discovery”, which allows for disclosure of the digital evidence for parties involved in litigation. Indications of data theft, employee theft, employee compliance and policy violation, embezzlement, fraud, and other cyber crimes can be uncovered during a computer forensic examination.
Computer Forensic Labs is one of the nation’s leading providers of investigative services in computer forensics (digital forensics), forensic data recovery, and electronic evidence discovery. CFL can analyze the forensic data and recover digital evidence while preserving the integrity of the electronic evidence for discovery and trial.
CFL specializes in assisting corporate investigations to determine if intellectual property has been stolen by departing employees. Employee theft can be devastating to the health of a business. Occurrences of employee theft, which include stealing of customer and vendor lists, marketing materials, business plans, and trade secrets, are growing every year. As a result, civil and criminal litigation for these types of cyber crimes is also on the rise.
If you think you or your client is a victim of computer fraud, employee misconduct, embezzlement, or abuse using a computer, our computer forensic services can help you determine if there is digital evidence to support your case. One of the most common reasons for failure to prosecute cyber criminals is weak or inadequate admissible evidence. By means of our thorough forensic examinations, CFL can supply the digital evidence in the most legally accepted format available today. If you’re near Denver, Colorado or the surrounding areas, please consider Computer Forensic Labs, Inc. for your computer forensic needs.

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